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Manipulators Collapse Gold, Silver Prices, Create Opportunity

April 17, 2013 by  

Manipulators Collapse Gold, Silver Prices, Create Opportunity

If you own gold and silver as I do and as I’ve long advised, don’t panic over the recent price pullback. It is an opportunity.

Despite what the mainstream media propagandists are saying, the pullback is not due to a massive dump of actual gold and silver and the end of the bull market. It’s due to a dump of paper gold and silver on NYMEX/COMEX because of margin call selling. It is simply price manipulation by JP Morgan and the criminal banksters.

The “experts” now telling you to dump your gold and silver are the same “experts” who said things were rosy just before the fall 2008 crash. If you’re smart, you’ll do just the opposite of what those “experts” tell you to do.

This is a buy opportunity. The last time gold and silver pulled back like this (fall 2008) it took off to $1,800 and $49 per ounce. Once the manipulators are done, look for it to skyrocket again.

MSM propagandists are desperately trying to spin the lie that the economy is on the rebound; but real unemployment is above 25 percent, inflation (the hidden tax) is stealing your wealth, more Americans than ever are on the government dole and liberties are under assault.

The elites are buying gold while telling you to

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