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The Dying Market

A recurring theme of mine – particularly since
“D-DAY,” i.e. November 9, 2010 – has been the complete
of U.S. financial markets by the government. Not that they tell
you thus, but the evidence could not be more
abundant or telling. I make this point to emphasize the eminent danger of
“investing” in a market not only rigged by malicious ALGORITHMS,
but completely devoid of human representation. This is particularly true in
the PM mining shares, which not only have seen reduced volume via the general
trend of reduced equity investment, but have been specifically “marked
for death” by the gold Cartel.


Since I have discussed the latter theme incessantly,
I will not do so here. Instead, I want to bring to your attention two
fantastic articles about the “death” of the U.S. equity markets,
the first citing specific, technical “PROOFS” of the


Why The Market
Is Slowly Dying


…such as the 50% decline in trading volume
over the past two to three years…


the dying market by


…and the 80% decline in average trade size,
care of HFT (High Frequency Trading)

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