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Major Gold And Silver Price Suppression Now A Weekly Occurrence. So What?

By Patrick A. Heller
Commentary on Precious Metals Prepared for

Over the past four weeks, the prices of gold and silver have experienced a major decline once each week.  Last week, the suppression occurred on Friday, April 13 during the last 15 minutes of COMEX trading, between 1:15 and 1:30.

How is it possible to identify this event as a manipulation rather than just the actions of a free market?  Unfortunately, that is becoming quite easy to detect.  Significant price moves resulting from market developments rarely occur in a vacuum.  If investors were worried about falling demand for commodities, you would see price declines in a number of industrial metals as well as precious metals.  If investors perceive a greater likelihood of another round of quantitative easing, the value of the dollar would tend to drop as US stock markets rise with gold and silver prices.

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