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Little change in gold, silver prices

The May gold contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed today at $1,220.10 an ounce, down $3.40.

The current silver contract on the “NYMEX” closed at $16.34 an ounce — up 8 cents.

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Copper Gains on Tuesday, Gold and Silver Prices Fall

Copper Gains on Tuesday, Gold and Silver Prices Fall

Copper gains on Tuesday

Due to better-than-expected US homes sales data released in the morning, copper surged higher on Tuesday. At 2:20 PM Eastern time, the Comex copper futures contracts for July delivery were trading at $2.06 per pound, a gain of 0.34%. The uncertainty over the stronger dollar and the upcoming demand from China are keeping the pressure on copper prices.

Copper Gains on Tuesday, Gold and Silver Prices Fall

Decline in net long positions

On Tuesday, the LME (London Metal Exchange) reported a decline in the net long positions in copper. According to the weekly COT (Commitments of Traders) report, net long positions in copper declined 17% to 24,919 lots in the last week from the 30,023 lots reported the week prior. The 16.6% increase in US home sales supported copper prices on Tuesday. Almost one-third of the copper demand comes from the construction sector, and the boost in new home sales sparked hopes of growth in the demand for copper. At 2:35 PM Eastern time, major copper producer Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) fell by 2.2%, whereas Glencore (GLNCY), BHP Billiton (BHP), and Rio Tinto (RIO) rose by 2.0%, 0.39%, and 1.3%, respectively. The SPDR SP Metals Mining ETF (XME) fell by 1.1%.

Copper Gains on Tuesday, Gold and Silver Prices Fall

Gold and Silver Stocks Get Slammed, but They’re Looking Fundamentally Fabulous

Miner With Gold Nugget Getty

It’s been a topsy-turvy year for stocks in general, but two of the most surprising standouts have been gold and silver mining stocks, which are the year’s top performers. With the exception of just one gold miner, all of the 40 largest gold and silver miners are up by at least 25% year to date.

Gold and silver miners suffer a meltdown

But today was not the best day for mining investors. On a per ounce basis, spot gold fell $20 from its prior-day New York close to $1,228, whereas silver dipped once again to $16.19 an ounce, a 1% decline from its prior-day close.

The recent pressure in metals can be traced to rising expectations of an interest rate hike in June by the Federal Reserve. After raising lending rates once last year for the first time in nearly a decade, the Fed had planned on boosting rates four times in 2016, but it abandoned that approach earlier this year after fourth-quarter GDP growth came in below expectations. Mining investors had been counting on the Fed to hold off on further rate hikes until perhaps later in the year, but new signals from the Federal Reserve minutes suggest  a rate hike is very much on the table for its next meeting in June.

Higher lending rates will more than likely boost bond yields and push the U.S. dollar higher, two things that work against gold prices (and silver tends to follow gold). As lending

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Where Are Silver Prices Headed?

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silver pricesInvestors keeping up with today’s silver prices had a rare down week last week, as the price of the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE Arca: SLV), a proxy for the price of silver, slid from $16.41 on May 17 to close at $15.69 on May 20.

So where are silver prices headed next in 2016?

The slide marks a rare set of consecutive down days this year, as the white metal has enjoyed a major bull market in 2016. The price of silver rose 27% from January to April, beating gold’s climb by 7%.

Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth believes that silver prices are headed to $22 by year’s end, a climb of more than 40% from Friday’s close. He believes many factors support the continuing advance of today’s silver prices.
Let’s take a look at these silver price factors now…

Where Are Silver Prices Headed? Look at Gold…

The first number to look at for a silver price prediction is the gold/silver ratio. The gold/silver ratio is the number of ounces of silver that it would take to buy one ounce of gold. It’s an important metric because silver prices are influenced by the price of gold, whether gold advances ahead of silver, along with it, or behind it.

At a current gold price of $1,252.90 and a Article source:

Silver price forecast and analysis for Q2 2016

Each quarter FastMarkets and Sucden Financial produce an analysis and forecast report on the precious and base metals – The Sucden Financial Metals Reports, April 2016.

Below is the silver report, to download a PDF copy of the full report covering all the metals in pdf form click here.

Subscribers have access to these reports before they are published through the research tab in FastMarkets Professional.

Silver – Expect further upside


Silver jumped 11 percent in the first quarter after falling 12 percent last year to its lowest since 2009. Its strong performance reflected a marked improvement in investment and speculative demand, largely triggered by the rally in gold. Since we expect gold to push higher in the second quarter, we see further upside in silver, with a three-month range of $15-18. But we believe downward pressure will re-emerge in the second half amid weaker industrial demand.

Silver Price chart

Overall trend – Silver enjoyed a positive shift in sentiment in the first quarter largely due to an impressive rally in gold prices, which itself was driven by a weaker dollar and a steep fall in US real interest rates amid renewed risk aversion and lower Fed tightening expectations. We expect sentiment to remain positively skewed in the second quarter, which should translate into further ETF and speculative demand, mainly because risk aversion should prevail amid a macroeconomic environment challenged by

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Gold and Silver Market Morning: May-23-2016 — Fed concerned Yen intervention, wants weaker dollar!

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Gold Today Gold closed in New York at $1,252.50 on Friday, up from Thursdays $1,254.60, a fall of $2.10. On Monday morning in Asia it held at $1,252.50 while the U.S. dollar was relatively unchanged against the euro.


LBMA price setting:  $1,250.40 down from Fridays $1,256.50.


Yuan Gold Fix

We are seeing a drop in the volatility of the gold price in Yuan. If we look at the changes in the U.S. dollar exchange rate the swings in the dollar gold price are explained. Exchange rates are morphing into gold price changes, but they are in reality exchange rate changes.


Neither London or New York are moving away from the Yuan gold price, once you take out the swings in exchange rates. But how do these prices remain steady in the face of such strong buying in New York [This is where the SPDR  shares are bought, but the physical buying for the fund by HCBC happens in London.]


But London prices were weaker this morning implying that heavy physical selling over and above normal selling is taking place there to hold prices down.  Something has to give if such buying continues, for even the Chinese Bank ICBC Standard cant export gold from China to compensate for U.S. buying.


What can happen is that Central Banks and buyers

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What Is the Silver Prices Forecast for 2016?

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silver prices forecastThe gray precious metal market is having its own bull market in 2016, with many investors looking for a silver prices forecast to determine if positive trends will continue.

Silver prices soared 27% in the first four months of the year, beating gold prices by 7%. Several factors paint a positive picture for a continuing upward trend, making the silver prices forecast bright.

Silver Prices Forecast – Level of Demand for Silver

Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth points out that one reason silver is so wonderful is that it is versatile. The precious metal is not only a valid currency, but also has worldwide demand in several areas that tend to have positive impacts on the silver prices forecast. Several of those uses include:

  • Industrial Uses for Silver – Silver is increasingly being used in industrial and commercial applications. In fact, most people have been exposed to several products in their home containing silver before leaving for work in the morning. These might include your alarm clock, wall switch, iPad, household plumbing, bathroom mirror, dishwasher, computer, and wristwatch. Silver is used in batteries, switches, and soldering. The material is a key component in jet engine ball bearings and the photovoltaic technology used in solar panels.
  • Demand for Silver Jewelry – Remember when gold jewelry was so fashionable? Unless you live in India, it’s not anymore. While white gold

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Today’s Silver Prices Hit One-Month Low – Here’s What’s Next

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Peter Krauth
Peter Krauth

Today’s silver prices are down another 0.5% to $16.46 – the lowest since April 18. And it’s mostly thanks to the rising U.S. dollar, which is near its highest level in over a month.

Silver prices have been battling the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) all year. In recent weeks, the dollar’s been winning.

This has caused a sharp dip in the price of silver. Just three weeks ago, prices topped the $18 level. Today, it’s closer to $16.50.

But silver’s not the only metal falling. Gold prices have also seen short-term suffering due to the strengthening dollar.

As much as silver can leverage the gains in the gold price, investors need to know that gold can – and will – affect silver’s performance. And with gold in correction mode right now, it’s time to be cautious.

It’s true that the fundamental indicators for the silver price remain very bullish. But the near-term technical and sentiment indicators are pointing in the opposite direction.

Today, we’ll dive into several of these factors to review how both last week’s prices performed and how today’s silver prices are trending.

Then, we’ll examine what may lie ahead in both the near and longer term…

Why Today’s Silver Prices Are Continuing Last Week’s Volatility

Silver prices kicked off the last trading week on a high note. After closing at $17.08 per ounce on Friday, May 13, Article source:

Silver Prices to Create a Fundamental Nirvana for the Silver Miners

Silver Prices to Create a Fundamental Nirvana for the Silver Miners

Silver Prices to Create a Fundamental Nirvana for the Silver Miners

The world’s elite silver miners just finished reporting their operating results from 2016’s first quarter, and they were impressive.  This industry continued to drive its costs lower even as silver finally started mean reverting out of mid-December’s deep secular low.  The silver miners are beautifully positioned to enjoy soaring operating profits as silver’s young new bull market continues gradually marching higher on balance.

Silver mining is a tough business geologically and economically.  Primary silver deposits, those with enough silver to generate over half their revenues when mined, are quite rare.  Most of the world’s silver ore formed alongside base metals or gold, and their value usually well outweighs silver’s.  According to the just-released World Silver Survey 2016 by the venerable Silver Institute, silver largely remains a byproduct.

Last year production from primary silver mines accounted for just 30% of the global mine supply.  Well over 2/3rds of the 886.7m ounces of silver mined in 2015 was simply a byproduct from base-metals and gold mining!  And as rare as silver-heavy deposits supporting primary silver mines are, primary silver miners are even rarer.  Most silver-mining companies have multiple mines, including non-primary-silver ones.

This isn’t simply due to the geological constraints in finding and developing silver-dominant deposits.  The cash flows silver mining generates are relatively small compared to other metals.  While base metals are far less valuable, they

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Gold Prices ‘Will Work Lower’ Amid US Dollar Uptrend on June Fed Rate-Hike Outlook

GOLD PRICES traded in a narrow range Monday morning in London, largely unchanged from last week’s finish at $1252 against the rising US Dollar before slipping close to the 3-week low of $1244 touched after the release of the Fed’s April meeting minutes last Wednesday, writes Steffen Grosshauser at BullionVault.

The US Dollar index remained above 95 against a basket of other major currencies, having reached a 7-week high following the Fed minutes, which raised expectations of a June rate hike.

New York Federal Reserve president William Dudley separately said last week that the US economy could be strong enough for another rate hike in June or July.

Interest-rate futures currently see the probability of a June rate hike at 26%, according to the CME Group’s FedWatch tool.

“We see gold continuing to work lower over the course of the coming week, as an upward trending Dollar should continue to weigh in on prices,” said INTL FCStone analyst Edward Meir after the Dollar saw its third straight week of gains.

“Leading into June, gold will be at the mercy of US dollar flows and market positioning, with key support levels for the metal [at] $1243 and below this, $1205,” added Swiss refining and finance group MKS.

However, “a premature hike by the Federal Reserve may lead to a slide in inflation, a pullback in growth and greater volatility, causing investors to shun risky assets,” points out Gary Dugan, chief investment officer for wealth management at Emirates NBD.

A loss of trust in the

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